Sizing, Spacing, Alignment, and More!

Handwriting Development: 

Handwriting is an extremely complicated skill.  The development of higher level handwriting skills (letter formation, sizing, spacing, alignment, and more) all begins with being able to copy simple shapes.

Letter Formation and Construction

Sometime between the ages of 5 and 6, kids are ready to learn how to accurately construct the letters of the alphabet. Efficient construction typically leads to better legibility and  speed.

Draw boxes for individual letters and gradually move to larger boxes to contain words and then sentences.  Worksheets with big, blank spaces are difficult for kids who struggle with sizing and spatial awareness.

Letter Sizing, Alignment and Spacing

Kids achieve speed and fluency with printing and become more automatic in their writing by the end of second grade (ages 8-9). 

Writing Speed

Attention to task Pencil grasp Posture and core strength Poor hand strength -Fine motor coordination –Visual perceptual skills -Visual motor integration –Hand dominance

Problems With Handwriting Development

Make “starting points” for each letter using a crayon, marker, or small sticker. -Draw smiley faces or place small stickers in each space to see how many “points” they can get (1 point for each smiley face) -Try cursive.  Some therapists have reported great luck with moving kids away from printing to learn cursive.

Tricks and Tips for Handwriting Development

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