easy christmas crafts for kids

I’m always looking for new Christmas crafts for kids that provide lots of practice with scissors.  This easy Christmas craft is the perfect holiday card for preschoolers.  For even more practice with scissors, go ahead and make them for the whole family!

-Red and green construction paper (or you could use cute holiday themed craft paper of your choice)


Draw a triangle on whichever paper you want to use as your Christmas tree and have the child cut it out.

Then, draw horizontal lines across your triangle (when the child cuts the lines, they will be cutting the tree into strips with the longest one on the bottom).

Have the child glue the strips back in order from longest (on the bottom) to shortest (on the top) on a piece of red craft paper.

Add a star to the top of your tree and you’re done!

easy christmas crafts for kids2

– Check out our Tricks of the Trade post on scissors skills for ways kids can work up to this activity.
-If your kids are working on grasping scissors properly, encourage them to put the scissors down on the table after cutting each strip for added practice with picking them up the right way.
-Make the cutting lines on your Christmas tree as thick as you need to for your child to be successful.
-Provide a “cut-in” line for your child to cut out the triangle to show him where to cut into the paper to start cutting out the shape.  You can also add arrows to show him which direction to cut most efficiently.

SKILL AREAS ADDRESSED: Bilateral coordination, fine motor skills, visual perceptual skills, visual motor integration, coordination, motor control

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