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Every month, we review the most common terms that have been entered into search engines that lead readers to The Inspired Treehouse.  We’ve found that the most popular search terms that bring people to our blog (parents, teachers, therapists, etc.) have to do with core strengthening activities and core strengthening exercises for kids.  Why?  Well, …  {Read More}

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Imagination is the key in this fun gross motor challenge!  Children think it is hilarious to pack themselves into a tight place, especially when they’re trying to get away from a fox!  Cooperative activities for kids are perfect for parties and play dates – especially when they require little to no planning!  That’s why this has …  {Read More}

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Is your house quiet and empty?  Are you done filling every waking minute with some kind of activity so that you don’t hear those dreaded words…”I’m Bored!”?  School is in session in our part of Ohio and now, more than ever, these kiddos need to move when they get home! Don’t miss our Back to School …  {Read More}

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You’re reading one of the most popular posts from The Inspired Treehouse!  We find that the posts our readers love most are the ones about child development.  You want to know more about common developmental obstacles and you want practical information about what you can do to help your child.  Read on to find out more …  {Read More}

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Our readers LOVE this activity!  It quickly become one of our most popular posts because kids are fascinated by the squishable little bumble bees.  They’re easy to make and can be kept on hand after the activity to use as fidget toys.  This would be a perfect “make it and take it” craft for a party or …  {Read More}

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This is one of the most popular posts from The Inspired Treehouse.  Be sure to check out the rest of our articles about sensory processing on our Sensory Processing 101 page.  You’ll learn about each one of the sensory systems and how they contribute to healthy child development and you’ll find tons of great suggestions, tips, …  {Read More}

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Today, we’re featuring one of our most popular posts from the past year.  People love the beaded snowflakes (below) because of how easy they are for kids to make themselves and because the project requires only simple craft materials that you probably already have around the house.  This was such a popular fine motor project that …  {Read More}


Several months ago, The Inspired Treehouse wrote one of our very first Tricks of the Trade posts about W-sitting, and WOW, we were shocked by the outpouring of response and interest! There were over 100 comments on our blog from readers with many varying opinions. We, as therapists, did not expect this to be such …  {Read More}

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One year ago, the three of us sat in a hotel lobby in Columbus, Ohio and created The Inspired Treehouse.  We were at a therapy conference, just a couple of weeks away from starting another year at the school district where we’ve all worked together for years, and we knew the time was right to …  {Read More}

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Hi everyone!  We hope you had a fantastic week!  The Inspired Treehouse sure did!  Our post about W-Sitting  went viral after being shared by Vanessa Levin at Pre K Pages.   If you haven’t checked out her site, please do!   She has amazing information and activities for educating children at the preschool/prek level. We didn’t …  {Read More}
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