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We couldn’t be more excited to be featuring this post written by our good friend, Lindsey Lieneck from Yogapeutics.  Lindsey is a fellow occupational therapist and child development expert who has combined her OT education and training with her love of yoga (she’s a certified yoga instructor) to create the awesomeness that is Yogapeutics – an aerial yoga studio for kids with …  {Read More}

Sunny afternoons in the backyard, no schedule, no commitments. There’s nothing better! I treasure the time spent outside playing games with my kids.  One of our favorites? I Spy! I especially love the visual perceptual and cognitive challenge this game provides! Plus, every child seems to know and love this simple game! Check out these creative …  {Read More}

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That last half hour before my husband pulls in the driveway from work are the hardest for me when I’m home with the kids.  By that time of day, I’m tired, hungry, and cranky and so are my boys…not a good combination.  One afternoon, we were playing (and whining and arguing and fighting) in the …  {Read More}

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  WOWWWWWW!   You guys rocked the gross motor activities this week!  We had a record number of shares on our Facebook page and it was so difficult to choose our favorite 3 from all of the amazing ideas you shared.  It is our goal on Movement Monday to show how important gross motor activities are and …  {Read More}

child development Quick Tip Developing an efficient pencil grasp

Pencil grasp is an important part of child development, but it’s hard work learning to control a pencil, crayon, marker, or any of the other fun writing utensils you may find in a typical preschool classroom!  A child’s thumb, first and middle fingers make up a dynamic trio we call Super Fingers. These three fingers …  {Read More}

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The quintessential piece of decor in a backyard? A swing set of course!  They come in so many sizes and shapes and with so many different possibilities.  But once children reach a certain age, the swing set can sit untouched for days at a time.  This is the case with ours.  My girls have outgrown …  {Read More}

gross motor activities dodgeball kickball mashup

Dodgeball and Kickball were two of my favorite games growing up.  Our parents would send us outside to play before 9:00 every morning and we weren’t allowed back inside until lunch!  No TV, no video games, no lounging around…we had to PLAY!  The kids in my neighborhood would all meet at an open field and …  {Read More}

treepee treehouse designs

Every kid loves a treehouse. Treehouses represent escape, imagination, and freedom and they can inspire creative play like nothing else.  Kids love a play space that is secretive and exclusive – you’ve seen the signs they make: “NO GIRLS ALLOWED!” They love creating their own “Clubhouse Rules” and sneaking off to their special hideout.  Play …  {Read More}

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Weaving is one of my favorite fine motor activities for kids.  It’s a great way to target visual motor integration, coordination, and grasping skills and the repetitive movement can be so calming and engaging for kids (and adults!).  I was playing with my boys in our backyard one day earlier this summer and came up with …  {Read More}

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When it comes to group activities for kids, sometimes the classics are still the best!  We are fortunate enough to have a neighborhood full of kids who are best friends and play together all summer long. Get some gross motor fun in tonight with one of these summer favorites! 1 – KICK THE CAN Place …  {Read More}
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