Toe Walking

What Causes it and How You Can Help Your Child

Toe walking simply means that a child walks on his tip toes or doesn’t contact the ground with his heel first when taking a step. This is considered “normal” until sometime between the ages of 2 and 3.

Toe Walking Causes

There are many possible reasons that children might develop a toe walking pattern and the research does not definitively point to one specific cause

Treatment methods can include stretching, serial casting, or botox injections.   Bracing can also be used to limit movement, preventing the child from getting up onto his toes

Treatment for Toe Walking

In rare and severe cases, surgical lengthening is also an option for treatment.

If your child is over the age of two and walking on his toes regularly, it wouldn’t hurt to consult your pediatrician.   You may be told that he or she will outgrow it and that may be true…or maybe not. Be an advocate for your child – you know him better than anyone!

What Should You Do?

If a child is showing no signs of developmental delay other than toe walking, he will outgrow this pattern and continue with typical development.   As therapists, we are more concerned when toe walking is accompanied by additional sensory processing concerns or other developmental issues.

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