Red Flags

for Infants

If there’s one thing we’re sure of, it’s that child development and  developmental milestones don’t always unfold in a perfect, linear way. There is a range of what’s considered “typical” development and all kids develop at their own pace.

- Excessive arching - Excessive stiffness or floppiness - Feeding difficulties - Flattened back or sides of head

0-3 Months

- Tightly clenched hands - Arching body backward - Difficulty lying on side - Lacking variety in movements on the floor

4-6 Months

- Inability to sit unsupported - Limited desire to move - Sitting with very wide legs - Difficulty bearing weight on hands and arms

7-9 Months

- Consistent asymmetrical movement patterns - Cruising only in one direction - Consistent tip-toes - Struggling grasping and releasing objects

10-12 Months

- Low birth rate - Alcohol/other substance use during pregnancy - Regression in developmental skills

Indicators for Higher Risk of Developmental Delays

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