35 Activities 

Hand Strength:

For Kids

Kids who struggle with hand strength may have difficulty with grasping a pencil, learning to use scissors, and managing clothing fasteners.  They are also likely to struggle with handwriting and other classroom skills that require a strong grip.

There are tons of creative and playful activities for kids that can target hand muscle strength. Some of our favorites fall into 3 categories: weight bearing, pushing and pulling, and squeezing!

- Crawling - Donkey Kicks - Wheelbarrow Walks - Yoga for Kids - Play in All Fours - Tummy Time

- Legos or Duplo Blocks - Velcro - Connecting Beads - Mr. Potato Head - Rubber Bands - Pegs and Foam Pegboards

- Tape - Pop Toobs - Rolling Pins - Theraband - Squigz - Climbing

- Tearing Paper - Cooking with Kids - Playing with Play Dough - Sponges - Spray bottles, Water Guns, etc.  - Squeeze Balls

- Clips and Clothespins - Hole Punches - Scissors - Glue Bottles - Turkey Baster - Sensory Balloons

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