Rabbit Hole

Group Games for Kids:

Group games for kids are awesome for inspiring teamwork and creativity, all while promoting important developmental skills!   Check out Rabbit Hole – one of our most popular group games here at The Inspired Treehouse!

What You'll Need

A Hula Hoop 3-4 Cones (or other objects to prop your Hula Hoop off the ground, all at the same height)

Balance the hoop on top of the cones so that it's elevated off the ground.  The children are 'rabbits' and they need to get into their rabbit hole before the 'fox' finds them. 

What to DO

They must step over the hula hoop with each foot to arrive in the hole without knocking the hula hoop from the cones. The children enter the hole one at a time, fitting as many as possible. 

Then, one by one, they start exiting the hole, again being careful not to disturb the hoop.  Change it up by having the children jump or leap into the hoop or turning it into a game of tag. 

Balance Social Skills Gross Motor Skills Coordination Motor Control

Skills Addressed

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