25 Heavy Work Activities for

Small Spaces

Do you know a child who:   - Constantly bumps into other people or objects - Is uncoordinated or clumsy - Constantly chews on shirt or pencil - Seems to always be breaking things - Has difficulty attending and sitting still All these are signs that this child may be in need of additional proprioceptive input to help calm and organize the body. 

- Massages - Bear Hugs - Play with a Body Sock - Yoga Poses

- Weighted Stuffed Animals - Weighted Sensory Bottles - Animal Walks - Wall Pushes

- Wall Dips - Bean Bag Tosses - Squeezing Putty - Resistance Bands

- Tearing Paper - Pushing/Pulling Squigz - Cooking Activities - Pop Toobs

- Sensory Balloons - Dry Erase Boards - Wall Sits - Kinetic Sand

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