DIY Fidget Toys

20 Awesome

Some of the most commonly asked-for items in a school setting are fidget tools.  Unfortunately, the fidgets that are available commercially tend to be not-so-budget-friendly. Try these ideas for DIY fidget toys!

- Balloons filled with flour or play dough - Nuts and bolts - Tube sock filled with dry rice (and sewn shut) for weight/tactile play - Velcro under desk to run fingers over

- Pipe cleaners to twist/wind around fingers - Kneadable erasers or sticky tack - Flexible rubber hair curlers - DIY zipper bracelets

- Flexible straw cut short so it can be bent/flexed - Hair rubber bands around wrist - Large key ring with pony beads looped on - Ziploc bags or balloons filled with water beads

- Small gel window clings on a piece of laminated card stock - Gear ties - Pony beads strung to a jumbo paper clip - A marble sewed into a small mesh fabric tube

- Pony beads strung onto a pipe cleaner and taped to a craft stick - Key rings linked together - Ziploc bags filled with hair gel or finger paint - Theraband tied to legs of a desk or chair

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