Pro tips, expert strategies, & tried-and-true tools to support self-regulation so kids can learn, grow, & succeed!

The Self-Regulation Handbook


$45.00 USD

Pro tips, expert strategies, & tried-and-true tools to support self-regulation so kids can learn, grow, & succeed!

The Self-Regulation Handbook

$45.00 USD

If you are overwhelmed by behavior challenges in your classroom or therapy sessions...

If you are frustrated with your child’s behavior at home...

If you are working with kids who need help with...

-Listening and paying attention in the classroom

-Following directions

-Interacting with peers and adults

-Transitioning between activities

-Tantrums or meltdowns 

-Calming their brains and bodies

-Problem-solving and flexible thinking

-Understanding and processing emotions


The Self-Regulation Handbook



This 116-page digital downloadable resource includes:
-Easy-to-use, research-based tools to promote self-regulation in kids
-A breakdown of the foundation skills kids need for self-regulation
-Ready-made self-regulation activity ideas that are based on evidence


A Research-Based Overview of Self-Regulation

What is Self-Regulation & Why Does it Matter?

Learn the basics about self-regulation, the skills involved, and why this set of skills is so crucial for independence and functioning in everyday life.

Sensory Processing & Self-Regulation

Learn how sensory processing and self-regulation are intertwined and how input to the different sensory systems can impact a child's ability to self regulate.

Self-Regulation Building Blocks

Find an overview of all of the foundation-level skills, supports, and exposure kids need to develop self-regulation skills.

What is Co-Regulation?

If you're not familiar with the concept of co-regulation, this is a great place to start! Learn about how the supportive interactions between kids and adults form the basis for self-regulation.

Evidence-Based Strategies to Support Self-Regulation

Find out what the research says about how we can best support self-regulation in kids.

Self-Regulation Red Flags

Check out an overview of common things we see with kids who are struggling with self-regulation so we can provide appropriate support and help the child learn and grow!

Social Emotional Developmental Milestones

Basic guidelines for social emotional skills that are commonly seen in each age group from birth through the teenage years.


Self-Regulation Strategies & Interventions

Resources for Creating Visual Schedules

Find evidence-based resources for creating effective visual schedules, including pictures, templates, and options for creating digital schedules.

Social Stories

Learn about this valuable tool that can be a game-changer when it comes to self-regulation for kids. 3 full social stories included!

Hands-On Tools for Identifying and Responding to Emotions

Use the interactive tools to teach kids about their emotions and explore healthy ways to respond to them.

Calming Breathing Activities & Printable Cards

Explore 10 different calming breathing techniques with kids, using the printable cards as a hands-on support.

Transition Strategies

Support calm, independent transitions throughout the daily routine with tried and true strategies.

Waiting Games

Make use of wait times and other down times throughout the day to promote self-regulation with printable activities that kids moving their bodies.


Handouts about making your own calming kit, guided meditation resources, and calming sensory strategies.


Games & Activities to Support Self-Regulation

Research Based Movement Games to Promote Regulation

Find instructions for creative movement games to keep therapy sessions fun and fresh or to use as classroom movement breaks.

Self Regulation & Team-Building Activities for Groups

Work on responding appropriately during group activities while building teamwork and problem-solving skills.

Self-Regulation Activities Using Music

Combine music with movement using the list of activity ideas for a powerful self-regulation experience.

Movement Based Direction-Following Challenges

These fun games target some of the foundation skills of self-regulation, including: memory, attention, flexible thinking, impulse control, and sequencing.


Bonus Self-Regulation Resources

Printable Self-Regulation Observation Tool

Self-Regulation Books

Self-Regulation Games

Shareable cards and handout with QR codes for self-regulation handouts

Don't miss this awesome resource!

We're Claire and Lauren, pediatric occupational and physical therapists with more than 15 years of experience.

Here's a secret that we've learned over the years...

No matter how creative your therapy activities are,

No matter how carefully you plan your sessions,

You won't make progress with kids who are dysregulated and feeling out of control. 

Without the basic foundations of self-regulation in place, kids simply aren’t ready for therapy interventions, academic concepts, or even the basics of their everyday routine.

We’ve come up with a whole library of effective strategies and tools that we use every single day with the kids in our therapy practice and with the kids in our developmental play groups. And we’ve seen the positive impact that they have on kids’ self-regulation and behavior.

Now, we’re ready to share all of these resources with you in The Self-Regulation Handbook from The Inspired Treehouse!

Get a handle on self-regulation so you can...

Rock your therapy sessions

Run your classroom like a boss

And make things run more smoothly at home!

Grab The Self-Regulation Handbook now!

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes this self-regulation resource different from others?

The Self-Regulation Handbook was written by experienced pediatric therapists who work with kids on self-regulation challenges every day. All of the activities and tools in this product are tested, tried, and true!

What ages are these resources designed for?

The resources in The Self-Regulation Handbook are appropriate for kids in the preschool to late elementary school age range. Some of the activities and resources can be adapted for slightly older or younger children.

I work with kids, but targeting self-regulation isn't really part of my job. This product isn't for me, right?

If you work or live with kids...this resource is for you. Period.

Because there simply isn't any way to help kids with developmental skills or academic skills or even everyday routine tasks when they're dysregulated and feeling out of control.

This downloadable pack is perfect for pediatric therapists, teachers, and other professionals who are looking for ways to unlock kids' potential. It's also full of tools that can be used by parents at home!

Will my copy of The Self-Regulation Handbook be mailed to me?

Nope! The Self-Regulation Handbook is a digital download that will be delivered right to your inbox right after you complete your purchase!

Can I share the handouts in this book?

Individual pages from the book can be shared with parents and other professionals for informational purposes. However, the book may not be shared in its entirety between professionals. In short, if you're using this book for professional purposes - you'll need to purchase your own copy. 

My home country doesn't appear in the drop-down box at checkout. Can I still buy The Self-Regulation Handbook?

Yes! If you don't see your country in the dropdown box, you can purchase The Self-Regulation Handbook on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Click here to find the listing on Teachers Pay Teachers.