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Today, we’re featuring one of our most popular posts from the past year.  People love the beaded snowflakes (above) because of how easy they are for kids to make themselves and because the project requires only simple craft materials that you probably already have around the house.  This was such a popular fine motor project that we decided to give it a little makeover, using the same idea to create beaded ornaments for other seasons too.  These easy fine motor activities will keep little hands busy, no matter what time of year!  Try making a bouquet of the flowers as a back-to-school gift for your child’s teacher, or a garland of snowflakes to string around the Christmas tree!

WHAT YOU’LL NEED:  Pipe cleaners, beads, fishing line (optional – to hang your snowflakes and flowers!)

Help kids twist pipe cleaners around each other to make snowflake shapes.  Then, set them loose to make their own glittery, shiny, snowy creations by choosing beads they like and stringing them onto the ends of the pipe cleaners.

Help kids string a couple of beads at one end of a pipe cleaner.  Have him make a loop (flower petal), twisting the end of the pipe cleaner around the middle of the pipe cleaner.  String on a couple more beads and then twist the pipe cleaner around itself again, making another petal.  Continue until you have a flower!  String (or glue) a larger bead or button on to make the center of the flower.  Add a green pipe cleaner for a stem!

-Make snowflakes and flowers of all different sizes by cutting the pipe cleaners into smaller sections or leaving them full length.
-Cut small (1 ½-inch) sections of pipe cleaners and twist them around the ends of each longer pipe cleaner for added decorations on the snowflakes.

SKILL AREAS ADDRESSED: Bilateral coordination, fine motor skills, grasp, motor control, visual motor integration


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fine motor activities beaded flowers and snowflakes image

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Claire Heffron
Claire Heffron is co-author at The Inspired Treehouse and a pediatric occupational therapist in a preschool/primary school setting. She began her career with a bachelor's degree in magazine journalism but quickly changed course to pursue graduate studies in occupational therapy. These days, she has come back around to writing, establishing a small but fulfilling freelance career. She is a mom to two funny, rambunctious preschoolers and relies on yoga, good food, and time outside to bring her back to center.


  1. MJ says

    Thank you. Being married to a scientist and enjoying science myself, I teach my students that all snowflakes have six sides, not eight.

  2. says

    These are lovely! I was just thinking how drab things look here now that the holiday bling has been taken down. I think these would be great for brightening any room.

    Thank you for stopping by the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop this week. We hope to see you drop by our neck of the woods next week!

    • admin says

      Hi Heather! You’re welcome! Thank you so much for reaching out to us! We love to hear when others try out the activities!

    • admin says

      Thank you so much, Megan! It is a fun and super easy activity that we have been doing with our preschoolers and grade school kiddos at work. They ALL love it!! And, as a mom, I love the sparkle they have brought to my windows! :)


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